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Monetary Gift Voucher


Offer a voucher that the recipient enjoys as he/she likes.

This voucher can be used for a selection of luxury experiences throughout Hotel Dom Gonçalo, such as afternoon tea, a spa treatment or an overnight stay. This voucher may be as well be redeemed for experiences in the O Convite restaurant and bar, at the Hotel Dom Gonçalo.

Contacte us

Telefone: (+351) 249539330

Delivery options

Delivery by e-mail, postal mail or delivered personally at the reception of the Dom Gonçalo Hotel & Spa in Fatima.

How to proceed?

To purchase the voucher: a) add the product (s) or service (s) you want to the shopping basket. b) complete the information and choose the options that are available to you throughout the order completion process (delivery options, delivery address being that option chosen, billing address, form of payment, fiscal number and the name for tax purposes that should be displayed in the invoice. c) make the payment.

Terms and Conditions

The delivery of the voucher is made within 24 hours if the option of delivery is chosen via email or in person at the SPA of Dom Gonçalo or within the indicative period of days provided by the company Correios de Portugal for Normal Mail. Postage costs can be added to the value of the voucher. The delivery of the voucher will be made after confirmation of payment made.
How is the voucher presented?
Your voucher will be delivered in beautiful gift packaging. Alternatively we can send it via email.