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Internal Prevention Protocol

06 July 2020

Internal Prevention Protocol

We have been in Fátima for 50 years taking care of welcoming you. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have implemented a set of measures recommended by the General Directorate of Health of Portugal, for your safety and we have assumed a commitment to health safety before Turismo de Portugal. We are officially a "Healthy and Safe" establishment. You can find out more about the set of measures implemented here, but here is a summary of the main ones:

  • Daily monitoring is carried out to assess the existence of symptoms, specifically with the measurement of fever to our employees.
  • Equipment was purchased to ensure that in all departments, and at the entrance to the hotel, there is the possibility of hand disinfection. Instructions were posted to make employees aware of the need for constant hand washing and disinfection and they wear a mask.
  • The cleaning procedures of the rooms have been revised and safety measures have been added: in the cleaning and disinfection of each room, single use cleaning towels are used according to the Vileda procedures implemented, use of liquid detergent or disinfectant spray and 70º alcohol. The rooms will be aired for 48 hours, and thoroughly sanitized and disinfected after each use. Whenever the capacity of the hotel permits, the occupancy of the rooms will be carried out keeping a gap of one room apart and keeping the front room vacant in the same corridor.
  • To guarantee the necessary social distance, we reconfigured and reorganized the Hotel's social spaces and installed acrylics at the reception.
  • Breakfast will be served in the restaurant room, in a buffet system but with exclusive service by the hotel staff, ensuring the necessary distance. It can be served in the room according to the customer's choice, through the room-service.
  • The remaining meals are served "A La Carte" and the menus, chairs and other equipment will be disinfected after each use.